Pharmaceutical Production Line

Designed mainly for 50 ml,100 ml, 250 ml and 500 ml IV solution bottles, the glass bottle IV solution pharmaceutical production line can perform a variety of procedures, such as ultrasonic rough washing, fine washing, liquid filling, nitrogen filling, stoppering, capping, bottle unscrambling, bottle unloading, lamp checking and labeling. In addition, the production line can also be used to complete washing, filling and sealing procedures for the production of other liquid medicine like tincture water.

The glass bottle IV pharmaceutical production line is manufactured with hygiene, safety and durability in mind. The main structure adopts 304 stainless steel. The hard tubes and hoses that come into contact with liquid medicine are respectively made from 316L stainless steel and special silicone.

Based on multiple patented technologies, the glass bottle pharmaceutical production line realizes the integration of mechanics, electronics and pneumatics, and provides functions like digital display, human-machine interface, automatic computer control, automatic protection. Additionally, our focus on product improvement and innovation has resulted in the pharmaceutical equipment offering many advantages, including high production capacity, great reliability, easy operation and convenient maintenance.

Performance Characteristics
1. The whole glass bottle pharmaceutical production line has all sections connected in series. There are buffer zones between sections with different clean level, and bottle conveyor doesn't span two sections. This helps make the production line meet GMP requirements.
2. The rotary drum style bottle washing machine effectively avoids unstable bottle clamping, bottle dropping caused by vertical bottle washing. In addition, rough washing and fine washing are totally separated, resulting in no cross contamination.
3. The adoption of ultrasonic cleaning removes bristle falling out, bottle breakage, dead corner problems that brush cleaning may have. In addition, bottles are soaked longer in the ultrasonic water tank and are better cleaned.
4. The water pressure and flushing time can be adjusted according to the actual demand. Moreover, the flushing water at each stage is recycled and filtered for downgrade usage. All of this enables users to reduce water consumption.
5. The filling time and filling quantity can be preset and adjusted by the computer, ensuring accurate measurement. In addition, CIP (clean-in-place) and SIP (sterilization-in-place) functions are available.
6. The glass bottle IV solution production line combines the filling section with the stoppering section. After filling, the IV solution bottles immediately enter the stoppering station, which not only avoids possible pollution caused by long distance delivery but also reduces operators and the clean area.

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